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International Orange, “Afraid of Love”

Posted by Chris on May 28, 2008

International Orange was an Indie Rock band that was together for a couple of years in the Chapel Hill area when I was in college. It was a trio composed of Robert Sledge (the bassist from Ben Folds Five), Django Haskins, a singer-songwriter with whom I was unfamiliar, and Snuzz (Brett Uzzell I believe is his real name), a local singer-songwriter indie rocker I liked. I saw them several times and they had very catchy, quirky, nice harmony type songs. Several of them were songs that I knew from Snuzz or former B-sides from Ben Folds Five that were written by Sledge (including “Prince Charming” which has somewhat of a cult following among the hardcore BFF fans).

My favorite song by IO is “Afraid of Love”, and a Google search did not turn up the lyrics to this song which is a shame. I don’t want that to ever happen again, so here they are.

There are many people here who’d love to see you fail
They would gather up the clippings from the daily mail
And savor every whispered word in sad detail
‘Cause they’re afraid of love

There are many people here who’d love to see you cry
It would make them feel better ’cause they never try
They think they’re living but they only just survive
‘Cause they’re afraid of love

Now foreign wars and blood and gore don’t phase them
For they have grown accustomed to the sight
The tender words and open hearts amaze them
And terror turns their muddy cheeks to white

They all scoff when whooping cough assails them
And pneumonia they would happily endure
But when the heart’s the body part that ails them
They scour the heavens looking for a cure

So many lonely people guard against the slightest touch
They swear they’re satisfied but they protest too much
But darling we could never let that bother us
Don’t be afraid of love
No darling we could never let that bother us
Don’t be afraid of love


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Durga Puja revisited, in song

Posted by Chris on May 18, 2008

Last year, when I was in Kolkata, India, one of the most interesting cultural experiences was the Durga Puja holiday, which I blogged about several times. You can click the India tab and search for those posts.. I’d make a link but they are really jacked up right now because of the blog-host-switching– all the links are to pictures at the old site, which no longer works, and I have not fixed that yet. But you can read about it in my posts.

Something else I’ve blogged about: Pandora radio, You put in an artist or song name, it produces streaming radio of songs which share some of the 100s or 1000s of musical facets Pandora has identified.

One of my stations: Panjabi MC. It’s an Indian MC with one song that I like, called Beware of the Boys, mainly for the beat– the bass line from Timbaland & Magoo’s “Clock Strikes” with Indian string riffs over top of that and him chanting/singing. The rest of the music that comes on is slower, more typical of classical Indian music.

After listening to Beware of the Boys, a song came up called “Durga Puja.” So of course I had to listen. Pretty straightforward Indian music. Just thought it was interesting. Even more interesting is that the artist is Algerian but has put out different kind of mixes based on world music. See more about DJ Cheb i Sabbah and listen to a sample of that song at Pandora’s site.

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The Black Keys

Posted by Chris on April 17, 2008

Flipping through channels, I just caught the end of the Black Keys playing on David Letterman. they rock. I mean, they really really really rock for a two-some. Dan makes his one guitar sound like two. I saw them in Carrboro, NC, at Go Room 4 several years ago before it shut down, a really enjoyable show. They must be getting more popular– I don’t say this because they are on Letterman, but because the singer actually isn’t a skinny waif anymore like most indie rockers.

You’ve probably heard them before. There’s an American Express commercial with Shaun White and the song “Set you free” and possibly a car commercial too that plays the song “Have Love, Will Travel.” (I might be making that one up though)

Here’s a good live performance of “Set you free”

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Pandora radio

Posted by Chris on September 9, 2007

if you have a computer at work with audio capability, you will have this web site on 80% of the time. you can make a radio station with an artist or song name, and it will give you other songs from that artist as well as similar songs/artists.

my favorite stations:
Shane & Shane (christian music)
Ella Fitzgerald (old school jazz)
L.A. Symphony (good east coast rap w/o glorifying violence, etc…)
Five Iron Frenzy (ska)
Ben Folds (piano rock)

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Derek Webb: Rich Young Ruler

Posted by Chris on September 7, 2007

This is a great song I would like to quote in its entirety. Derek Webb is a Christian artist who has a attracted a following, and critics, by addressing topics that aren’t so popular.

“Rich Young Ruler”

poverty is so hard to see
when it’s only on your tv and twenty miles across town
where we’re all living so good
that we moved out of Jesus’ neighborhood
where he’s hungry and not feeling so good
from going through our trash
he says, more than just your cash and coin
i want your time, i want your voice
i want the things you just can’t give me
so what must we do
here in the west we want to follow you
we speak the language and we keep all the rules
even a few we made up
come on and follow me
but sell your house, sell your SUV
sell your stocks, sell your security
and give it to the poor
what is this, hey what’s the deal
i don’t sleep around and i don’t steal
i want the things you just can’t give me
because what you do to the least of these
my brother’s, you have done it to me
because i want the things you just can’t give me

Derek Webb Links

Official Web Site
Wikipedia Bio
Preview the “Mockingbird” album at Amazon
Lengthy Podcast interview

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