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Social Justice in the Bible

I’m writing this intro in March 2010.  A conservative political commentator named Glenn Beck just made news by saying that people should run from churches who talk about social justice as it is a code word (for ulterior motives?).  He’s been reviled.  In context, his statement may contain some truth– some churches’ have substituted social justice and a social gospel in the place of God’s justice and The Gospel.  However, as far as I know he made no effort to distinguish between genuine, Biblical ideas of justice and these so-called code words.

Justice cannot be separated from the Bible.  God is just.  And it seems to me that social justice should broadly mean bringing right outcomes on a relational, personal level.  Not the justice of God, nor the role of government.  But it stems from God’s just character.  I believe that justice comprises many things in the Bible and rather than continue this inadequate explanation, here are links to some of the aspects of justice in scripture.

Social Justice in the Old Testament

Social Justice in the New Testament


One Response to “Social Justice in the Bible”

  1. Tyson said

    Hi Chris, I read through some of your posts on social justice in the Bible. It’s interesting to see that recent political discussions have prompted similar biblical investigations in both you and I. I’ve actually started writing a book on the subject, especially looking at the social implications of the Torah and how God kept the Israelites accountable for social justice through the prophets. I’m only done with roughly 30 pages out of an estimated 150 pages, and haven’t seriously worked on it for the past half year. But still, let’s keep in touch regarding this subject!

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