Chris' Original Blogbeque

A fresh, vinegar-based examination of life


This blog serves several purposes:

I use this blog as motivation to not only read and keep up with topics of interest to me, but to promote critical thinking that I might otherwise neglect.

The pages on the top bar represent special areas.  When I traveled to India, I blogged about my experiences for friends to read and also as an opportunity to reflect and place events in the proper context.

The internet has changed how we form first impressions and I recognize that nothing I can say could overcome the wrong perception of a Google search, reading a random blog post, or seeing a picture uploaded by another person.  So I won’t try and describe myself but rather let whatever I write represent  me in pieces; that is certainly all you are seeing

I’ll also put up an FAQ here if anyone ever asks me any questions about myself or the things I write about.


3 Responses to “About/FAQ”

  1. Is that Helena, Alabama?

  2. Chris said

    No, it is Helena-West Helena, Arkansas

  3. kartagena said

    como es su nombre y apellido ya que me gusto un comentario del que lei en esta pagina y me gustaria citarlo

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