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A new word I bring the masses: “Roe-tradictions”

Posted by Chris on March 4, 2009

Please see my introduction to my ethics post.  There I explain my main ethical principles I use to help me discern between black, white, grey, right, wrong, freedom, obligation, etc… I don’t have a philosophy spelled out but I list 5 principles that are kind of like 5 prisms through which I view an ethical quandary.

Within ethics, I am particularly interested in human (legal) rights (to make a distinction between that and “doing” social justice, in which of course I am strongly in favor) and bioethics.  And if you can combine the two of them at the same time– well you will have my attention.

Over the past few years, I have kept track of some news articles related to pro-life issues that either show anectodal proof of exceptions to common sense (persistent vegetative state people who wake up or extreme premie babies that survive abortion attempts) or provide some of these human rights/legal contradictions that I discussed under point 2 in my ethics introduction.

A recent incident in Florida inspired me to find those articles again and meditate on the different issues and motives at play and expose some of the contradictions inherent in American abortion rights discourses.  I will write about it in my next post.

I am going to start compiling and commenting on them in a “Legal and human rights contradictions surrounding pro-life issues in America” ethics series. Or, American abortion rights contradictions for semi-short.  In a word? “Roe-tradictions.”


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