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The credit card thief identified… pt1

Posted by Chris on February 4, 2009

This is a continuation of this story/post.  I really didn’t expect to hear anything else on this credit card case from the police, unless it was way later.  But i’ve been called two more times by police officers.  The first was by the same cop who had followed up the first time, gathering information because they were going to try to look at surveillance video.  I ended up providing names of homeless people I know especially those that I’ve put up in a hotel with my credit card.

The second call was today.  It was someone new, saying the case was transferred to his department (investigations maybe?).  They know who it was!  He gave me a name.  It might mean something to me.  He’s coming by my work tomorrow to show me a picture from the ID that they showed once.  So… I will leave this off here with some suspense.

This person has several warrants therefore nothing would happen until they found her (I presume they do not know her exact whereabouts for that reason, in other words).  So, either way, they will be looking for her.  My experience knowing a couple of people with warrants here is that it can be some time… on minor charges, there’s not these movie-like “APB’s for Mr. X who fits this description”.  The cops, at least some of them, know these people by name, have known them for some time.  And they don’t walk around with a mental list of who’s got warrants, so you’ve got to either have that info in mind, or be given a reason to be suspicious to look them up… and that’s after coming across the person.

Anyway, he implied that I would be making a decision whether or not to press charges.  I didn’t anticipate that.  I figured that they stole from Chase Bank, not me– I guess they stole my identity?!  This is a FELONY he said– scary.  Maybe that’s for the identity theft part of it?

What will I do if that’s the case?  Will it matter if I know the person?  Does it matter to me that it’s a woman?  (Hint: I might be slightly less likely to press charges against a woman– sorry ladies who want equal treatment– I still think you should get equal pay for equal work!  But call me a sexist if you want to).

I’m glad he’s showing me the picture tomorrow.  I don’t know that having a lot of time to think about it before seeing it would really help.

Other observations:

  • I’m really impressed with the Police Dept.  They didn’t give up quickly, but then the case didn’t die out.
  • It’s got a “cool vibe” to it.  Admittedly, that’s probably the voyeur/desire to live vicariously in me.  Too much watching TV over the years and developing unrealistic ideas of suspense and excitement.
  • I really want to mourn for the people doing this.  And if I press charges, it’s not out of malice.  Hate the crime, love the criminal.  Especially those who, even though they could go about it a million different ways, were committing a crime for which part of the motivation was a warm bed on a cold night.

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