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No more Ginobiling

Posted by Chris on May 29, 2008

And by Ginobiling, I mean flopping in the NBA and Manu Ginobili. Mr. Manu has become the face of the frustrating increase of blatant flopping, confusing refs and drawing cheap offensive fouls.

Ginobili has drawn the ire of many fans and even inspired the following t-shirt design.
No diving, just play D
HT: Detroit Bad Boys blog

Today, the NBA announced a flopping ban. Well, sort of. Floppers can be fined. Fining is okay. Contrary to popular belief, I think fines are a good way to regulate player conduct. Fans scoff at $10,000 fans because players make a lot of money– but, would you be fined for violating the dress code at work? Ten grand is a lot of jack, it doesn’t matter how much you make.

However, there should be in-game consequences for actions that affect gameplay. In the NFL, helmet-to-helmet hits on a quarterback result in a fine– but it should also receive a 15 yard penalty. Similarly, flopping needs an in-game penalty. Refs should be encourage to call personal fouls on floppers. They need to the following 3 things:
1. Not be afraid of making a mistake and calling a true charge a flop. Mistakes happen a lot more now by rewarding flopping, and, once the flopping is eliminated, the calls will be more clear.
2. Not reward floppers with foul calls on the opposing player. On-ball defenders who receive a weak extended arm and fly into the stands should watch their man drive to the basket for a layup. 15 year vets who can’t jump but fall backwards five feet when a post player turns into the basket should get dunked on and perhaps stepped on.
3. Finally, call a foul on the flopper, especially if a no-call would result in a dangerous situation for the opposing player. For example, a defender falls down and might trip the ball-handler. But at other times, when a guy flops egregiously and play continues, assess a personal foul. If he complains, re-affirm the 2007-2008 early-season commitment to T-ing up guys who backtalk the refs.

If the NBA does those three things, flopping should cease fairly quickly and more importantly the quality of the game will go up and fans will one less criticism of the NBA.

Since I’ve started this post, the Lakers have taken the lead in the 3rd quarter of Game 5 v. the Spurs. If this isn’t an indictment on being floptastic, I don’t know what is.


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