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I scooped William Saletan

Posted by Chris on May 29, 2008

William Saletan writes at, mainly on cultural and bio-ethics. Almost daily he updates his “Human Nature” blog/article, which follows topics like cloning, medical technology, discrimination, and human rights.

After my post on China’s earthquake exceptions to the one-child policy, Saletan offered his view which can be found here.

I wrote that while “Making exceptions is a positive step,” the “language of exceptions and the nature of the exceptions commodifies children.”

From Saletan, speaking about the government’s decision:

It reads like a warranty or a software agreement. Except we’re not talking about consumer electronics. We’re talking about children. This is what happens when you ration people like commodities.

I’m not pleased that we have the occasion to agree about something as sad as the commodification of human beings– children especially, and children of God. But I will confess a minor pleasure in reaching the same conclusion as Saletan on my own as I really enjoy and value his writing on ethics and his approach, irregardless of whether I agree with his conclusions.


2 Responses to “I scooped William Saletan”

  1. Amy said

    I believe children were commodified the moment the government implemented the one-child policies. The baby boys and baby girls were goods – one much desired, one the inferior good which was to be rejected if the parents could afford to try again.

    Thinking about the emotional toll on parents losing their only child is sobering. From the first I haven’t gotten the sound of mothers and fathers weeping, crying out for their only child lying buried under rubble, taken violently and too soon. It’s just lucky for us that we have a God who understands so fully that very same pain.

  2. […] China’s grieving parents told to stop protests July 9, 2008 Posted by Chris in human rights, links of the day. trackback I wrote two posts recently on the Chinese government’s “leniency” in allowing parents to have more kids to “replace” children who died during the tragic Earthquake in May. They are here and here. […]

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