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Megabus to Memphis

Posted by Chris on April 24, 2008

Yesterday I took the Megabus to Memphis.  Megabus is a UK company that recently started providing service in the US.  It worked out well for me- two people told me about Megabus in the same day, as I considered taking a trip, then two days later I bought a round trip ticket to Memphis and back.  The cost was less than gas would have been, plus there are promotions where you can get tickets for as low as one dollar (I don’t know how that works though, just seen it advertised.)

It was a very nice ride so I figure I’ll give them their word-of-mouth advertising.  On a double-decker bus, there were only 5 passengers.  I assume they’re operating at a loss right now hoping that business will pick up.  I hope it will– I like them– even though I also liked being on a bus with 5 people.  Three of the four others were talkative/nice.  Two of them were sisters from the Missionaries of Charity, aka, the Catholic Order started by Mother Teresa.  It goes without saying that they were kind, generous, and interesting.  Both of them are from India but have been in North America for awhile, serving in Winnipeg, Little Rock, and currently Chicago as well as some other places.  I did not realize it but the MoC have many houses in the US.  They were going to visit homes in Memphis and Little Rock.

The third person was visiting Champaign from Memphis because her daughter just had a baby.  Coincidentally, in the morning before getting on the bus, I visited friends at the hospital who had just had a baby.  Both babies were healthy girls and both moms have careers and/or education in special-education related fields.

I want this time away to be a time of renewal for me as well as a time to get some constructive things done.  Our conversations on the bus were nice.  I really felt “life” yesterday, starting with the babies, then meeting the sisters.  I flip-flopped between reading my bible and War and Peace.  I’m trying to fill my time here in Arkansas with personal time of devotion, personal time of construction (emailing friends who are overseas, applying to jobs,…), fun time with this wonderful family I’m staying with, and service to others– I think I will help out with some work at the community gardens, a structure being built next to the community pool, and hanging out at the community center.


2 Responses to “Megabus to Memphis”

  1. Tony said

    I rode the megabus from chicago to memphis the day after you we took the night bus on the 24th. There were only about 7 people on the bus then to. I really hope that the service picks up really don’t understand why it hasn’t there highest prices are half of greyhounds and run express to chicago. I got my tickets for $1 just have to book early to get em! I had a great time in chicago!

  2. Chris said

    yea i figured that booking early got the $1… but I was one of only 2 people that got on in Champaign, so even though I booked one week in advance I was early in that sense.

    I am taking the night bus back on Sunday, leaves at 11 pm and arrives at 6:15 am. then i have to walk less than 15 mins to my apartment, I think I can handle it. then time for breakfast and probably go back to sleep in a couple hours for a mid-morning nap!

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