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The Black Keys

Posted by Chris on April 17, 2008

Flipping through channels, I just caught the end of the Black Keys playing on David Letterman. they rock. I mean, they really really really rock for a two-some. Dan makes his one guitar sound like two. I saw them in Carrboro, NC, at Go Room 4 several years ago before it shut down, a really enjoyable show. They must be getting more popular– I don’t say this because they are on Letterman, but because the singer actually isn’t a skinny waif anymore like most indie rockers.

You’ve probably heard them before. There’s an American Express commercial with Shaun White and the song “Set you free” and possibly a car commercial too that plays the song “Have Love, Will Travel.” (I might be making that one up though)

Here’s a good live performance of “Set you free”


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