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PBS Frontline: Iraq

Posted by Chris on April 13, 2008

I just watched a couple of PBS Frontline reports/documentary on the Iraq War including “Bush’s War” which I perceive is getting a lot of publicity in the blogosphere. “Bad Voodoo” follows a National Guard unit in Iraq.

I tend to always give more weight to the last thing I saw or the last argument I heard, so I’m trying not to do that here; but I must say, the combination of an investigative report into the origins and execution of the War and the anecdotal experience of Guardsmen has led me to be more decisively for the end of the war (as in, sooner rather than later, whether or not we “get the job done”). I felt a range of emotions watching these videos but what I most remember is feeling terrified and sad as I watched videos shot by the Guardsmen. If I’m feeling that way, I can’t imagine the cumulative toll it has on them.

It was a reminder of the neo-conservative agenda which I had forgotten about over the past couple of years. I really wonder what the Bush presidency could have looked like had there been a different combination of Vice President, Secr. of Defense, Secr of State, Envoys to Iraq, etc… There may have even been an Iraq War but it would have gone differently.

The video quality is really good. Bush’s War is quite long but divided into 10 min or so chunks.
Bush’s War
Bad Voodoo


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