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Internet round-up: weekend of March 28-30, 2008

Posted by Chris on March 30, 2008

Some interesting things I’ve read this weekend.

Carol Williams in the LA Times describes daily life for detainees at Guantanamo Bay. It’s hard to swallow some of the conditions– no matter the accusations and crimes committed. But when you take into account the difficulty in the War on Terror of accurately identifying the enemy, it is really sad for me to consider that “innocent” (if not completely innocent, at least innocent of direct terrorism) people are enduring this.

John Piper answers the question: “Was Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrong to plot against Hitler’s life?”

The Calculated Risk blog details a leaked Chase Bank memo about fudging underwriting standards for mortgages, and then comments on it here with very salient, industry-experienced commentary.

Nick Kristoff writes on the growing idea that the Obama-Hillary mess could lead to McCain’s victory. It seems like every time I flip on CNN the last couple days I see a new poll about what percentage of a candidate’s supporters would either choose not to support the other democrat or would vote for McCain.

I’ve been working this week on a mini-report of the research I did in India. I have visited the United Nations web site several times, reviewing the details of the UN Millienium Development Goals. If you’ve never read what they are, check them out– they provide the blueprint for many a development project. The goal is that through a collaborative effort by governments, NGOs, and invidividuals that we will acheive these benchmarks on a global level by 2015.

In “The Fire That Time”, Pamela Colloff gathers the accounts of more than 20 people involved in the Waco Branch Davidians standoff in 1993. I wish I had been a little older when this happened– or maybe I don’t. I have read about it extensively, first in a religion class, then in a conspiracy thinking class– my group did a project comparing/finding parallels between Waco, Ruby Ridge, and the Oklahoma City bombing. What to say about it? What a tragedy. That is the only fact not in contention between Branch Davidians and the government officials who were present. It’s amazing to look at ourselves as people and see two groups who disagree completely on the details of that course of events. Is someone lying? It scares me even more to think that they both think they’re telling the truth– what carelessness was displayed that day!

Muslims more numerous than Catholics.
I believe that headline speaks for itself (and this is a Catholic claim, so it is probably true.)


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