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Grain Offering

Posted by Chris on March 26, 2008

This is part of a series. See the description and introduction and glossary.

Grain offerings can be put into two general categories. Most mentions of the grain offering pertain to the grain offering accompanying a burnt offering (regular burnt offerings were complemented with grain and drink offerings). Then, there are offerings of firstfruits, that is, giving to the Lord the first crops harvested either upon the arrival in the Promised Land or each planting season. I hope to address firstfruits in more depth at a later time in a larger discussion on “firsts” belonging to God.

General characteristics

  • Made of fine flour (Lev 2:1; Num 28:5); without yeast (Lev 2:11)
  • Priest burns a portion as a “memorial portion” on altar (Lev 2:2,9,16; Lev 6:15)
  • Remainder is called a “most holy part of the offerings made by fire” (Lev 2:3,10)
    • The priests were to eat it in a holy place (the courtyard of the ToM) (Lev 6:16)
  • Seasoned with salt, the “salt of the covenant” (Lev 2:13)

Commentators say several things about the salt; the most relevant point is that salt is an image of the permanence of the covenant. Several commentators quote CHARLES SPURGEON: “it was an unchangeable, incorruptible covenant, which would endure as salt makes a thing to endure, so that it is not liable to putrefy or corrupt.”

Standard Offering

  • Fine flour with oil and incense (Lev 2:1
  • Amounts for the burnt offerings
    • BULL: 3/10 ephah of fine flour mixed with oil (Num 28:12-14)
    • RAM: 2/10ep
    • LAMB: 1/10ep

Other Offerings

  • Baked in an oven: cakes, (and/or) wafers (Lev 2:4)
  • Prepared on a griddle: crumble it (Lev 2:5-6)
  • Firstfruits, which do not belong to the priests (they did not eat)

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