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Sabbath night goodness

Posted by Chris on March 15, 2008

To a 1st century Jewish-Christian, this would already be the Lord’s Day. Even though it’s 11:50 pm, they would’ve still thought of a day “beginning” at dusk of what we would consider the “day before”.

That fun fact really adds no relevant information to this post. I am going to share some good Sabbath entertainment.

These are links to a four part sermon called “A Biblical Model of Giving” by John Macarthur, on 2 Corinthians 8 (one of my favorite chapters of the Bible, about the overwhelming generosity of poor Macedonians to starving Christians in Jerusalem). It is heavy, concentrated, radical. It really challenges the reader to re-evaluate your definition of generousity.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

empty tomb, inc. is a ministry based here in Champaign. It “exists to make the inconvenience of following Jesus in these points as convenient as possible. empty tomb exists to serve the whole church in her striving to be obedient to Jesus by serving others.” On the national level it puts together research that culminates in the excellent annual, The State of Church Giving, a real eye-opener. On the local level it organizes “works”, such as health services, home repair, and food and clothing distributions, all “free in Jesus’ name.” You can buy the report on You can find ways to be connected to other members of the global church at the web site. If you’re local, you can volunteer on Saturday mornings.

Today is Palm Sunday. 25 years ago on Palm Sunday, Pastor John Piper delivered an allegorical story in lieu of a sermon. It is titled The Donkey, the Stallion, and the Strategy of the Hills and I just love it. I will probably listen to it at least twice this week. You can read the text but I’d encourage downloading the mp3 to hear him read it.

And finally, the Online version of Charles H. Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening Devotional. It’s good.


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