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3/14/2008 Links of the Day (NBA-themed)

Posted by Chris on March 14, 2008

March Madness is heating up… but to be honest I’m more concerned about and excited for the NBA. The Western Conference is as competitive as any league could hope for. Only 3.5 games separate the 7th seed from the 1st seed. Nine teams could win 50 games– yet there are only 8 playoff bids up for grabs.

J.A. Adande writes a compelling argument for watching the NBA over NCAA during this time: This March, the NBA has the madness

Earlier this week, ESPN’s NBA analysts ranked the Top 10 Shooting Guards of All-time. You can probably guess #1, but 2-10 are a mix of old and new.

David Berri at the Wages of Wins Blog argues that the Spurs really have slipped this year by looking at its lower efficiency differential and the fall-off in Tony Parker’s performance. Eva Longoria and the Declining Spurs

John Hollinger comes up with a statistical method to predict the likelihood of career NBA records falling and which players have the best chance at each record.


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