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It’s almost time to wear shorts (link of the day)

Posted by Chris on March 11, 2008

I wore shorts (outside of the apartment) for part of the day today. It is supposed to be over 50 the next two days (that is exciting news for me these days) and I hope it’s going to stay that way. While I do not like being cold, I also try to wear shorts whenever I can– it’s a delicate balance. Especially gym shorts. As a friend of mine says, I like to “lounge.”

It’s not just me. According to Stuff White People Like, it’s just one of many things that white people like. I just discovered this web site recently… at some time of boredom I plan to work my way back through the old entries.

I love this part of the post:

After a prolonged cold snap, white people are very excited at the first hint of a warm day… In order to get the most possible enjoyment out of these days, white people turn to one of their most trusted allies: shorts.


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