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Back in Urbana

Posted by Chris on November 13, 2007

I definitely meant to have put up some post-Kolkata updates and that has not happened. 3 main reasons: internet access, being sick/tired, being busy. I barely ate for the first 36 hours I was back and had major stomach issues (not from coming back, it was from the airport/plane food combined with the travel I guess) and then got a cold. I was very tired from hardly sleeping for 2 days and am finally feeling better but haven’t been able to sleep at what I would call regular times yet.

I�ve also been pretty busy, running around applying for jobs, buying things I needed, visiting people, etc.  I’ll also be moving into a house on Wednesday and then after a couple more days hope to be settled in over there.

I have one job thus far, delivering a free, weekly newspaper. It’s a one-day a week job, just a couple hours; not much money but I figure that I can easily fit it around whatever else and it’s nice to know that at least by next Tuesday/Wednesday I will have something, less than 2 weeks after being back.


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