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Posted by Chris on November 11, 2007

I returned to my room at the hotel today [this was on Monday, in Delhi, one day after leaving Kolkata and one day before returning to US] and decided to give the TV another try. I’ve been trying to either find some entertaining sports (my cricket attn span is about 5 minutes) or an English movie.  there’s a channel showing American movies but of course it’s been the fuzziest thus far.

I turn on something and hear English. there’s a woman typing on an internet chat. I’m like, “what’s this, the Bollywood version of ‘You’ve Got Mail?�'” Now, you may not know this about me, but that is probably my favorite movie 1a (Forrest Gump would be 1b). I can always watch those movies and they make me smile and sentimental and all this jazz that I’m man enough to admit.

I think I only missed a little bit and watched the movie and really enjoyed it. The storyline was a bit different: the woman was married with a teenage daughter. The person she chatted and was later reconciled with was her husband. The daughter and mom had a bad relationship, daughter moves out, husband and wife are distant, wife ends up being alone, daughter is beat up, comes home, convinces mom to meet the chat person, and its him.

It definitely was not as good as YGM. What could be? The acting I thought was very believable at times (the wife, man, she could cry and really communicate her emotional duress) but sometimes reminded me of an American soap opera (choppy and corny). Really, the internet and chatting is such a ubiquitous part of life now that we shouldn’t call movies that have them YGM-clones, as people are apt to do. Basically everything else in the story was different and I really enjoyed the movie.

Later that night, I went to a movie theater I saw near my hotel, to see saw movie that had a Hindi title. So I would finally see a Bollywood movie and I guess I was hoping it was one of the typical Indian flicks (the love story with singing and dancing). I get in there and find out that it’s Resident Evil: Extinction, in Hindi. So I was somewhat disappointed. The language was not much of a problem because killing zombies is a universal tongue, and there’s not much dialogue or plot.


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  1. Kristine said

    Hey Mister. Just thought of you when I saw your blog website in my bookmarks and thought I’d drop a line. Hope you’re doing well.

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