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New videos and political turmoil

Posted by Chris on October 29, 2007

I’ve posted 2 new videos– one below this post and one on the Durga Puja picture page.

Tomorrow, Oct 30, it has been planned to be a day where everything closes down due to some kind of strike or something– i think it involves the union of hte public transport drivers. Now, apparently, there will also be some kind of agitation on the 31st as well. i dont really know if i’ll be able to do anything or buy anything on these 2 days… so i stocked up on supplies tonight. some fruit, some sweets, a big dinner.

the government which rules this state, West Bengal, is communist. it’s kind of weird. not so much because of the effect of the political philosophy (Henry Paulson, i think US Secr of the Treasury, was just here Sunday hobknobbing it w/politicians and promoting business stuff), which is not that much– it’s still democratic, relatively capitalist– but the political relations are a bit tense. it makes me uneasy to see communist flags. it makes me uneasy when this state’s govt is very much against this nuke deal with the US and for basically anti-US reasons.

so, in the cold war terminology, i will be going into my bomb shelter the next 2 days. pray for my sanity. i’m guessing however, that, before the 2 days end, i will see people out walking and i can at least go around in my area.

This video is from Durga Puja, walking up to a pandal. In it, you see the juxtaposition of all these different elements of life here: art, religion, beauty; poverty, begging, pollution; globalization, increasing standards of living, and brand awareness. I have no pride in my camera work but had no idea i would see all this as i pressed record. i think this more than anything can explain a lot about life here in less than 2 mins.

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]


One Response to “New videos and political turmoil”

  1. mom said

    Please be careful. If there is anti-American sentiment there, any Americans may be a target during the unrest even if it didn’t start out to be about that. If you feel uneasy, trust your feelings.

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