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T-Minus 14 days

Posted by Chris on October 23, 2007

How is Chris taking care of himself after four weeks, with only two weeks to go, you might ask?

Well I’ve got a hodgepodge of information below on that.

First, see pictures of my room/bathroom. A week ago I thought cleaning it up more would make me feel better about my surroundings. That may or may not have been true, however, the cleaning stopped at allowing someone to clean the floor. I had said all along that I would take pictures once I did that—it ain’t happenin’.

Second, a word on hair. I buzzed my hair on the ¼ inch setting back in April. 6 months ago. pretty sure i have not cut it since, besides trims on the edges. In the past, after 8-10 months I had what you might consider long hair. Now? I look like I still have just a bit more than a buzz. Umm, why is this? A friend’s dad used to say growing up that eating Tabasco Hot Sauce would put “hair on your chest” and I have waited patiently here but the turmeric and curry spices are not causing my hair to grow (it’s not falling out either though).
Which leads to a second matter… I have been letting facial hair grow for 3.5 weeks now. Never have I done this with any portion of facial hair for more than maybe 1.5 weeks before shaving out of embarrassment. However, in this place I figure I look strange no matter what. I must admit, it’s annoying to have but I’m strangely pleased by it. Pictorial evidence confirmed that it is indeed passable. I’ll post this mainly because I think it is funny and some of you non-Illinoisians are quite unlikely to see me this way. So yea, I do think I will try and wear it back to the States.keep this away from small children

Today I played basketball, just 1-on-1. Know when to go back and play more. These guys are pretty good I think, but, their job is actually to play basketball. Which is sad. The guy I played against told me that an American coach had told them a US college women’s team would kill them. But now this is something to do on afternoons when nothing else is going on (except takes 1.5 hours to get there on public transportation + walking). We spent some diagnosing why Indians aren’t good basketball players (he said poverty, I said no, but that poor kids in India play cricket instead of bball like in the US—he hates cricket).

I am still planning to visit some NGOs and development places, in fact, have a few appointments later this week. But I definitely have lost some of that “purpose” in attitude that I wanted in going on a trip like this. I don’t want to just sit around and try to master the various solitaire games on my computer. So i’m hoping to use this time as just a lot of free time to do things that would take me much longer otherwise or have been taking awhile. Things like: reaching some reading milestones; listening to an audiobook on the Life of David Brainerd; d/l the audio from the Desiring God conference (which I attended last year); and especially to do a lot of work on this topical biblical study I’ve been working off-and-on for a couple months on understanding the whole system of old testament offerings, festivals, taxes, tithes, and then what that says about how we manage our money—I’ve got about 40 pages of notes and now to set about the task of organization, condensation, and synthesis.

I’m growing in excitement, not only for going back, but really for specific things when I go back. Stuff is coming together along several fronts.


2 Responses to “T-Minus 14 days”

  1. mom said

    You sure look different to me. You used to say when you were little and I changed my hair that I didn’t look right. Well,it sure changes your looks. Your room looks functional and a nice size. Were the statues on the mantel already there? Do they have any religious signeficance to the Bengalis? Where do you bathe? It sounds like you will be able to keep yourself busy over the next two weeks.

  2. yes, the statues were there. i don’t know that they have any particular religious significance. the one hanging above is maybe a cow? and cows are sacred which is a religious thing.

    there’s a shower head in the bathroom, just can’t see it.

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