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Posted by Chris on October 22, 2007

I expected, and everyone asks about, mosquitoes. At first, I was surprised by how few I saw. Then, my feet and ankles got tore up for a couple days. I wasn’t using spray. Then I used spray, resisted the urge to scratch. The abundance of mosquitoes really seems to vary, even day-to-day. Although, at night, if I use the computer they are always everywhere. They all get attracted because I’m turning on one light in a relatively dark area. Sometimes I kill 10 of them in one night. I have grown very proficient at clapping them in mid-air… seriously, I go back to my room with black smear marks all over my hands. There are black and red stains on the computer desk.

The pond at IITD makes them worse here. I really don’t see many mosquitoes out in other parts of the city. As long as I have spray, or am wearing the right clothes, I’d say they are a relatively minor annoyance. Plus I was told that the variety here do not carry malaria and I’ve only met one person who has malaria (and he was living on the street—besides him, haven’t even heard of any malaria cases).

What bothers me more are ants and flies. Flies are everywhere in the proper city and quite a few here too. All the garbage sitting around and open air food markets attract them in droves. Shooing them off your food is a constant practice if you are outside.

But the ants… these are my nemesis. I am now in a room on the first floor which was flooded before I got here. So they raised the floor and put down tile. But the tile allows easy access and makes crumbs easy to find, I guess. Maybe I’m just sloppy. If I just see 5 or 6 ants at this point I don’t even think twice about it. But other times I’m sweeping them out, or spraying a trail with bug spray. I’m not creeped out by them but at the same time I like when I go to sleep to know that the # of insects are minimized.

Which leads to one last thing… mosquito net. The first week I hated it. I was really having problems sleeping and I think the net played a part in that, feeling psychologically trapped. Now, it doesn’t bother me, but I usually only use it if I have been seeing mosquitoes in the room. Typically I’ll lay in bed without it and if nothing lands on me, do not put it up.

When I have visited rural homes, most beds have a wooden frame above for hanging the nets. It is probably much more important that the net be used nightly because of I assume the presence of malaria-transmitting mosquitoes, along with higher high risk factors.


One Response to “Insects”

  1. mom said

    I never even thought about you having to use a mosquito net. I’m glad to hear malaria is not prevelant.

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