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A Day in a Howrah district village

Posted by Chris on October 19, 2007

view from his roof- his house is WAY taller than the others!Spent the day in a village where one of the IITD staff lives. He was going home to spend the puja with his family. I’ll just note some interesting things I learned, saw and did.

First I’ll put a video link here. We’ll see if this works, i’m getting way over my head technologically. I took this walking back towards his home from the river side. the camera work is really bad, sorry bout that.
[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

He has over 400 relatives in his village.
His house is 32 years old. They built it and fired their own bricks in the yard for the house and the wall surrounding the house. One of his relatives lives in a mud and wood house that is 105 years old.

His house is very large and quite nice inside too—good air circulation keeping it cool, TV & DVD player. The family seems prosperous because of nice home. Most other homes were mud or mud and wood. But their income is not high and they probably benefited from the low costs of cement and other materials at the time it was constructed.

I fished with bamboo pole with string (didn’t catch anything)

Saw wild monkeys on his house/in trees

Sort of saw the rainforest; saw a village that had cut away from it, canopy trees

Drank tea made with milk from their cows which I could see in front of me

We walked less than 10 minutes to riverside.

What I thought I would get to do, and only watched, was the killing of a chicken. I didn’t perform the act because they wanted Rizwan, who is Muslim, to kill because Muslims will only eat meat if it is killed in a certain way (nice and slow instead of quick and suddenly). Still, I watched and videotaped and enjoyed the experience. Upon returning to the US you should ask to see the video—seriously, we need to overcome this disconnect between ourselves and our food origins. I’m holding out for another opportunity to do this, it will probably be one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life.

Top one is from his roof, looking out over village– was cool, kind of like being in the top of rainforest tree; also we went up there to see if we could still see monkeys and there was another one on a different part of his house.
There’s a picture of a monkey, we saw several.
The paddy (rice) picture is showing picked v non-picked– each crop yields 2 harvests so you’re seeing paddy that will re-grow.
And then a picture of his house and their cows which hung out in the back.

big cows
the manor of the village
monkey alert
cultivating rice


2 Responses to “A Day in a Howrah district village”

  1. mom said

    Where are the rice kernals on the plant?

  2. the top part. i think it’s like the seed, kind of like the stringy things you see on top of some kinds of grasses. then a machine separates it, the paddy from the husk so they say.

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