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Sunday, interesting Sunday

Posted by Chris on October 14, 2007

Here’s sort of a day-in-the-life-of look. This was a more interesting day than usual. I decided I would try to make it to church, which is in the city. The first time I went I had to take a taxi and that cost more than I’d really like to pay. Normally you could take the metro but it doesn’t run on Sunday mornings. So I decided I’d try out the buses after getting to the end of where I knew the auto-rickshaws ran.

I got on a bus and couldn’t see anything—you can only see out the windows if you’re sitting down. I had no idea if the conductor (guy who takes your money and tells you how much you owe depending on location) would tell me where to get off. We turned off the main road—not a good sign. I ended up hearing a name of a place that is farther than where I wanted to be so I got off. After talking to someone on the phone for 1o minutes to figure out where I was, and walking about 40 minutes, I got to church about 15 minutes late.

After church I walked to KFC, the only American restaurant of which I know the location. Really, it’s not worth it—I don’t think I’ll go back. The food costs almost as much as it would in the US—more expensive than Indian restaurants that have tablecloths and look really nice. And the food isn’t exactly the same either, there’s some kind of orange spice on the chicken so it tastes more like a Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich than KFC southern fried chicken.

Then I went to the Oxford Book Store, which is an upscale bookstore like a Borders. I needed to return a book and exchanged it for something else. Nothing too eventful.

Got on the metro. Got off and there’s always this mad rush because there’s only 2 turnstiles and you have to put your ticket in both getting on and off the metro. Getting off because it reads how far you’ve gone and if you paid for enough zones. Well I put mine in, second in line, and it wouldn’t let me through. Someone handed me a ticket, I thought maybe it rejected, but it was a ticket that was already laying there for only one zone—mine was two. I remember seeing that it was something like Rs 250 penalty if you had wrong ticket. I go talk at the office and he asks me where I came from, how much I paid, and they just let me out. This was really the first time that I was thankful for something that might have been preferential treatment on behalf of my origin. The ways I’m pandered too at most other times makes me uncomfortable, but bring money into it and my frugality/cheapness takes over. But I do wonder if they would’ve gone through the same process with a Bengali person.

On the way back to IITD, on auto-rickshaw, I was seriously almost gored by a bull. I’m already scared of cows anyway. I had about .5 seconds of pure panic. Some cows on the side of the road for some reason were startled and jumped into the middle of the road. One of them with horns turned towards us and was swinging its head and I’m hanging out the side of the auto because we had 4 people across the front.

Finally, I’m walking down my little street from the main road when I see for the first time a snake, in a cesspool of rain runoff/trash that probably never dries up. This is somewhat disconcerting; I’m not normally afraid or fond of snakes but I have no idea what’s poisonous or how they act here.

I also just finished hand-washing some laundry. You know how some people talk about turning their underwear inside-out and wearing it twice? I never really took people seriously when they said that. But after the first time hand-washing, umm, yea, I’ve turned some inside-out. I only washed a few things today and I plan on leaving here with a bag full of dirty clothes.

As I type this it’s about 5 pm. Tonight I’m going to eat at a Muslim restaurant, it’s pretty good—went there last week. 3 of us ate last week for under four dollars total and we were all stuffed. We’re going there because today is Eid, Islam new year. I will write more about how this is the holiday season in a subsequent post.


2 Responses to “Sunday, interesting Sunday”

  1. mom said

    What an adventure! I caught my breath upon initially reading about the bull. I didn’t know you were afraid of cows. Good idea to give the snake a wide berth. It sounds like you are making do a lot. HOw was the church service?

  2. I sort of lied, unintentionally. i have since discovered that those were female cows, which also have horns. because bulls have these humps behind their shoulders that are more pronounced than a camel hump. so i’ve only seen one bull and now i know that they are very distinct.

    but honestly, i don’t care what gender it is if it impales me.

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