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Camera is working/Indian Museum

Posted by Chris on October 6, 2007

I got a memory card for my camera yesterday, so I can take some pictures. I’m still not using my laptop on net so I will only upload a few pictures at a time.

Yesterday I visited the Indian Museum. I started in the archaeology section which turned to really be the only interesting part to me. the other exhibits were things like invertebrate fossils, zoological (fake glassed-in areas a la an American museum except lower quality), a decent cultural anthropology section, and a few others. But the archaeology is really the heart and soul I’d say, there are sculptures all around the outside areas as you walk.

This is a link to the now being updated pictures page.


One Response to “Camera is working/Indian Museum”

  1. Sheila Hargett said

    Glad your camera is working, enjoyed the pictures! Sheila

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