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Cell phones pt 1

Posted by Chris on October 5, 2007

Well, I got one here. I was not sure whether or not I would. But my American phone was broken and I am hoping this one works when I get back, it is receptive to my AT&T sim card. The phone only cost me the equiv of about $50 so it was much cheaper than whatever I could get in states for a new phone. It’s not very fancy but I don’t care.

Cell phones here are all on a pre-paid basis. I bought (and used) Rs 333 (about $8.25) the first night, making some calls to the US and Vietnam. It costs Rs 6.40 (16 cents) a minute to call the US, so that’s not terrible for a cell phone. I was under the impression it was the same rate for all intl calls and that is incorrect, Vietnam put a beat down on me, that was more like 25 cents a minute.

I think I can also send text messages for around 15 cents. I’m not in the habit of doing that but I guess it’s a good option when calling is 16 cents a minute.

One surprising effect I think this time will have on me is actually that I will spend more money. But on the “important” things I guess- more willing to buy a plane ticket, or phone communication. Some of you who have sent me frivolous text messages and had your life threatened may be surprised/happy to hear that. Not that I’ve really changed my mind on them (I do think that I receive them for free here so fire away just don’t make it a habit). But I’m gaining perspective on life by having things taken away and seeing what is really bothersome (small room? No prob. Meat not a big part of diet? No biggie. Sick and no one to mother you? Problem.)

I’m not courting any phone calls but my # is 987-431-2108. Before you dial that you add 011 – 91 for the US exit code and the India code.

My carrier is Hutch (Hutchington Essar). Hutch was just recently acquired by Vodafone, a large international company. In fact, one of the 25 largest companies in the world (as measured by market capitalization = stock price * total shares). I would like to talk a bit more about phone usage in India, the role of cell phones in development all over the globe, and the companies involved, and will get to that in another post—enough on cell phones for one day.


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