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spotty internet

Posted by Chris on October 3, 2007

as I type this it’s Tuesday morning. We’ve been w/o internet here since Saturday morning, and that amongst other things has been driving me crazy. I was also very sick Monday afternoon—still not feeling great now but getting better.
My spirits are not that great right now, I must admit. Not only being sick, feeling disconnected from rest of world, but just general unhappiness.
Luckily a few hours after I wrote this the internet came back to life. It’s sad how happy that makes me. someone better have wrote me a nice email, or my fantasy football teams need to have won.
ADDED ON WEDNESDAY: The blog server was down yesterday, or at least I could not access it. I have problems logging into the site here, after I type in my password and enter, it never goes straight into the next page, instead I have to click another link and then get to the site admin in a roundabout manner.


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