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2 Interesting articles in the Times of India

Posted by Chris on October 3, 2007

This is a pretty good paper. The Kolkata version has a good share of articles on this city, and there’s a good international section as well. Not surprisingly, the articles put in the international section are chosen a bit differently from those you’d see in the US. There are many more articles on Muslims/the Middle East that are not about war and terrorism, I assume because of the substantial Muslim population in India.

The first article addresses Iran President Ahmedinejad’s comments at Columbia University that there are “no homosexuals” in his country. Of course this is not true. I read an article a while back in fact about (gay) male sex workers. This article interviews a gay Iranian living in Europe, who affirms the presence of others in his home country. The article also says that if it is proved that one has had homosexual relations, the punishment is death; two teenagers were executed in 2005.

The second article has the title “Gulf Muslims gain weight during Ramzan” (Ramadan). Apparently hotels have huge buffets to break the fast and many are accustomed to gaining weight during the holiday. Mohammed, on the other hand, broke the fast gradually. In addition to the spiritual focus, an Islamic scholar said that there is also a health angle to Ramzan, ridding the body of toxens. I knew this was a focus of fasting for some, had not heard it applied to Ramadan fasting.


One Response to “2 Interesting articles in the Times of India”

  1. mom said

    There was an article in the Virginian Pilot that interviewed a gay Iranian. I don’t if it was the same one. Perhaps not, this one didn’t say anything about two teenagers being executed.

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