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Posted by Chris on September 26, 2007

Before I left, while I was living in different places, I lost my digital camera. I bought a factory refurbished, cheap Polaroid model from right before departing. It has an internal memory card that held about 10 images in the smallest size… I figured I’d see how far I could take that, maybe buy a memory card while I was over here.
Well, only a couple days in, and it’s goofing up. It now holds one image. Don’t ask me why. It will take the picture. There are no other pictures in there.

I had taken some pictures that I will upload once I start using my own computer on the internet. Not many though.

On the bright side, last night I figured out how to use Bluetooth to zap photos from my phone’s camera to the computer. When I go into the city [sometime soon, after flooding ends] I may look for a memory card but I’m also going to try out the phone camera and see how they look. I’m no photographer and won’t hold it to very high standards.


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