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Arnold Schwarzeneggar has big fans in India

Posted by Chris on September 26, 2007

Oh my gosh, I just had the funniest conversation. I am being dead serious when I say that I had some of the most genuine, hearty laughs I’ve had in a long time.

I walk up to this house that has a sign outside that says “Modern Gym.” So this guy comes out and says he’ll show me the gym, and we’re talking, he asks where I’m from, etc… well he was quite pleased that I was from America. I wonder if he’s ever talked to an American. The first thing he asked me was: “Do you KNOW who this is? Arnold Schwarzennegar?” That is his hero. He’s got pictures of American professional body builders pasted all over the wall behind him.

He was a sharp guy. We were talking about the American economy and the subprime mortgage crisis—he follows it in the paper because he invests in Indian companies and they are being affected. Then he’s talking about how the difference between America and India is how many cultures and languages India has. Then, comparing America and Europe. I will paraphrase from here on out.

“Europeans, they are not like Americans. They are very simple. Not very smart. You see them, the Poland, Austria, Spain, very quiet and simple. But America has lots of people. You have the BLACK people, huh? [pause] The black people, they are very bad, uh?”
I could not contain myself… I was laughing so hard at this point. He kept going.
“You see them, stealing purses, they are hoodlums, huh?”
so I tried to give a brief history of America, slavery, and the socio-economic differences between blacks and whites.
“So the black people that are educated, they have good job, they are good?”
yes, some are even senators, they are very good.
“George Bush… he has woman who is black”
Yes, Condoleeza Rice.
“She is very powerful, huh?”
Yea she’s the Secretary of State.
“I hear that when she travels, she always joins gyms, at the hotels, she likes to work out.”

Haha… I had not heard that. Maybe it’s true.

Turns out, he had formed this impression from American movies. In fact, he said his gym was becoming more popular because Indians were seeing the movies and the big, muscular actors. on the whole, his knowledge of america was probably more extensive and accurate than americans’ knowledge of India.


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