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Time difference

Posted by Chris on September 24, 2007

The time difference here is 9.5 hours to eastern, 10.5 to central. I am ahead that much. It is IST, Indian Standard Time. I was very confused about time at first. IST does not running vertically from north to south—it’s basically a patch that is all of India (as I can finally see on computer). So all of India is on the same hour, even though it’s a big place. Since Kolkata is on east coast, it gets dark very early—5:30 now, even though I think it’s about the same Latitude as Mexico City. It really threw me for a loop as we flew from Chennai, suddenly into darkness—I was supposed to arrive at 7:30, why is it dark already halfway into flight?

Doesn’t bother me now, although I haven’t really gone anywhere. First time I’m out somewhere in city and I have to navigate in darkness will be an adventure.


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