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Stephen Colbert on Kolkata

Posted by Chris on September 16, 2007

A new book called Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light has caused quite the stir lately. TIME magazine even featured a cover article on the subject of the book. I have read the TIME article, some other articles, and heard some discussions. The basic gist of the book is that Mother Teresa, during the last 50 years of her ministry in Calcutta, often felt the absence of God in her prayer and really struggled with depression and repression of those thoughts. The book is compiled by Brian Kolodiejchuk and features her private letters written to her superiors. While she requested that these letters be destroyed, some believe that they can do a great deal of good in the world and furthermore that they aid in achieving her sainthood.

I don’t have an opinion on all of that, I just wanted to give the background of the Stephen Colbert quote. He had on a Catholic Jesuit priest who is one of the defenders of the book. His name is Father James Martin. Anyway, they were discussing the book and Mother Teresa’s faith issues. Colbert, of course playing the antagonist, made various implications of the meaning of the book.

Finally, he says out of nowhere:;

Didn’t she call a little bit of this on her self? Because if you don’t want a crisis of faith, why would you go to Calcutta? I mean, that place is enough to make anybody doubt there’s a purpose to existence, isn’t it? It’s depressing.

Since it is satirical, I can laugh at that. Although certainly there is reality in that statement as well… I think one point that can be made, without too much argument, is that Teresa’s pain during those years, yet her continued service, displayed her love for the people of Calcutta; to her it was truly a special place.

Colbert Report video clips


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