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the Diamond Debate part 2- my email to

Posted by Chris on December 15, 2006

This page on the “answers” some “popular questions” and allegations towards the industry. I use quotes not because they did, but because I do not believe they give great answers (and certainly not very long ones) or that they address many questions. They basically answer a bunch of similar questions about the conflict diamond. But oh, there are lots of other fun things they are criticized for as well!
Anyway, they invite the reader to write with additional questions. These are mine:

Why didn’t the diamond industry themselves take measures to prevent the conflict diamond problem long before it became so ingrained in some African wars?

What are the policies in place to determine how many diamonds to hold in reserves and how many to release to the market?

Is this co-ordinated by WDC (World Diamond Council) or just by each individual company?

You comment on the indirect economic benefits of the diamond industry as itpertains to revenues being used for development or a country like Botswanafunding education. What about answers to allegations about poor working conditions and low wages?

Please consider responding to my questions on your site.
(Update, Feb 13, 2007: I have not received a reply, nor do i notice any discernable differences on the web site. I re-sent the email/questions).

(Update, April 23: I re-sent the email/questions again).

(Update, August 13: I re-sent the email/questions again).


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